Saturday, November 11, 2006

Welcome to the Crystal Sphere

Hi everybody, and thank you for picking us as one of your destinations on the ever-expansive world wide web! Firstly, this blog will exist in large part to feature music which we feel has been overlooked, neglected or maligned in some way. That our name is derived from a lyric from a forgotten John Phillips/ Mamas & Papas song ("Lady Genevieve", off their 1971 masterpiece reunion effort PEOPLE LIKE US) should give you some idea of the focus here. We might touch on artists that have achieved great significance in our time, but it's not gonna be the same-old-same-old.

Some of the more illustrious artists you will see featured here in the future include: the Beach Boys, the Beatles, Blink-182, Prince and the Revolution, the Association, the Monkees, Nirvana, the Byrds, Jurassic 5, Curt Boettcher, Weezer, Green Day, the Grass Roots, the Mamas & Papas, the Wu Tang Clan, Big Star, Phantom Planet, the Buffalo Springfield and (hopefully) hundreds more. We will also serve you by offering up obscurities that were previously relegated to history's dustbin.

By the way, I am the allmighty J Pinnacle, and I'll be your tour guide. Please feel free to leave me any feedback you like, but just remember that it's all about the music when you get down to it in the end.

J Pinnacle -- November, 2006

your guide, drunk while organizing his music library