Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Jefferson Airplane - "This Is Our Life"; live 1967

Today's platter... a hard to find Jefferson Airplane boot that showcases them in their prime:

This Is Our Life
- The Jefferson Airplane Live in Concert

Tracks 2-12 recorded 02.04.67
Tracks 13-14 recorded 01.25.66 (earliest known live recording of JA?)
Tracks 1 & 15 date unknown

I've always dug these guys, but this was the CD that made me a FAN. An awesome live performance and sixties time capsule. The band is spot on, and the setlist is CHOICE. I'll up some more Airplane stuff if anyone else digs this.

Link No Longer Available


  1. any chance to repost?
    very nice blog!

  2. Sure thing. I'm not generally in the business of posting material I don't have a hand in assembling, but this one should be an exception. It's an amazing show and so hard to come by these days.

  3. Looks like I missed the May repost. I have never heard of this and would love to hear it. Surrealistic Pillow was the album that got to me but it doesn't seem to be a good representation of the band as a whole, since none of the other albums are much like it. Maybe a producer was forced on them? Would you mind reposting it?

    The Lester Bangs stuff was real interesting. Some ideas I never considered about music.

  4. Certainly! Give me a few days to get it back up.

  5. Hope you re-post this one soon. :) Thanks.