Friday, August 1, 2008

And... We're Back!

Well after a significant hiatus, I have decided that to re-open this blog in a major way. Over the next who knows how long I am going to be discussing my views on all things music with you fools, and of course I've got some goodies to back it up. Most of what I'm going to share here are some sucka-free compilations put together by yours truly. None of these are available in stores, and in many cases, the only place you will ever be able to hear this stuff is right here at the Crystal Sphere.

I've come up with a color code to distinguish the types of recordings to be found on my blog. This is mainly for my own sordid purposes!

Rarities Compilation (single artist) - Generally a mix of unreleased material, non-LP tracks from 45s/ EPs and hard to find CD-only bonus cuts.

Compilation (various artist) - These are almost always genre- or label-specific anthology-type sets.

Deluxe Reissue - A previously released LP, rounded out with additional bonus material.

Compliation (single artist) -
A collection of previously released material covering one band or artist, presented in a new or different way. Some compilations may spotlight one musician from a particular band.

Jason's Edit - Music assembled by me using digital editing software, as opposed to just a playlist of tracks. These are one of a kind projects that you're guaranteed to find nowhere else!

Game Soundtrack - The soundtrack to a video game. I'll only post these if they're not already available for sale elsewhere.

Out-Of-Print (OOP) Re-issue - Digital version of an album that is currently out of print or never previously issued on CD.

Live Performance - A live concert recording.

In addition to the tuneage, you can expect plenty of YouTube vids as well as the occasional rant from yours truly. Thanks for stopping by to check out this labor of love-- and if you like what you hear, please support the artists by buying some of their music and merchandise, preferably directly from them!


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