Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Mothers - The Underage Mothers (1965-1966)

Rarities Compilation (single artist)

I guess a lot of people think that the Mothers formed around the time of Freak Out!, but the band had actually been together with various line-ups for over a year before that album was recorded. Yet despite the fact that the group had recorded at least three studio demo sessions, a comprehensive collection of the early Mothers has never been made available until right now.

It's quite inspiring to listen back to the formative recordings of this great band and see how much of their sound was already in place by 1965. The group already had songs like "Motherly Love", "I Ain't Got No Heart" and "Anyway the Wind Blows" down cold, as well as a nascent version of "Plastic People", performed to the tune of "Louie Louie"!

Underage Mothers also contains the earliest known live recordings of the band (from the Broadside Club in Pamona where they got their start) as well as the most complete representation yet of their legendary 1966 show at the Fillmore opening for Lenny Bruce. In between the live material that bookends the set are numerous studio outtakes, rehearsals and even some humorous sound bites from the man himself. All in all, this is an essential collection that I really took my time putting together, and it showcases the early Mothers as not only one of the top blues and boogie bands on the L.A. scene, but also strongly hints at the stunning creativity that was to follow. These Underage Mothers are not to be looked down upon!


  1. The way I see it... this should be a very dynamite listen.

  2. Didn't know these existed. Any Mother's recording is a National treasure. Frank Z. Lives!

  3. Hope you enjoy! I find this a revelatory listen for all fans of Frank.

  4. Nice work on this one. Lots of great rare moments.