Friday, August 1, 2008

The Who - Here for More (1968-1970)

Rarities Compilation (single artist)

The Tommy companion-- This one is an absolute corker. The Who are at the top of their game here as both a live act and a studio band. Lots of good rarities-- live at the Fillmore East, definitive PT Rolling Stone interview, Tommy outtakes (including the studio version of "Young Man Blues", finally presented at the correct pitch!), BBC stuff, Roger's best original song, the two lost EPs and early, ultra-rare versions of "Postcard" and "I Don't Even Know Myself".

Cannot describe to you how much I love such "throwaways" as "Now I'm a Farmer" or "Water". Some people might dismiss cuts like these as second-rate. Me? I fucking love 'em. But I'm man enough to admit that they're not Pete Townshend's best. NO, that would be "Naked Eye"-- in my opinion the ultimate song to ever come from the Who. Of course it's included here in all its glory. Take a little dope and walk out in the air and GROOVE to this masterpiece of a song.

Need I even mention the live versions of "Relax" and "Sparks"? Jesus H.... Look; if you're by some reason uninitiated, watch the freakin' YouTube clip. It's been nearly 40 years since that performance, but has anyone really surpassed it? Really?...
Throw this album on your media player, turn on the visualizer and imbibe in the substance of your choice. Hey, it's your life, you're Here for More.


  1. Version 2.0 uploaded today-- improved sources for some songs, overall volume equalization and new artwork!

  2. Water rules!

    On what grounds do people disagree with that?!

  3. You'll get no argument from me, I love that track!

  4. I love your sight but it gets very old not to have some sort of back or song list available. Keep it up on the music. Phil Winans