Friday, August 1, 2008

The Who - The Price of Pop Art (1966-67)

Rarities Compilation (single artist)

This is the companion to 1966's A Quick One/ Happy Jack. Apart from the classic singles "Substitute" and "I'm a Boy", I've included some great John Entwistle b-sides, some more PT demos, the Ready, Steady, Who! EP and the requisite amp-smashing, cymbal bashing live stuff, including some songs that never made it to the recording studio. More BBC performances, too, and I'll even throw in the Graham Parker Organization's "Waltz for a Pig", originally released as the official b-side of "Substitute" in the UK during contract disputes between the Who and Decca Records.

Also includes the super rare "Instant Party Mixture"... an entirely different version than the alternate version of "Circles" that originally appeared under the title "Instant Party". This one has to be heard to be believed, folks!

This is the Who at their Mod best: a band willing to pay The Price of Pop Art!


  1. Thanks so much for all this Who! If anyone has songlists, especially with notations of where these cuts are from, please cut'n'paste 'em here.

  2. Glad you enjoy! If you have any particular questions, feel free to ask. I assembled these all myself from various sources.

  3. Version 2.0 uploaded today-- improved sources for some songs, overall volume equalization and new artwork!

  4. Ehm... Graham *Bond* Organization! ;-)