Friday, August 1, 2008

The Who - Rock Is Dead - Long Live Rock! (1971-1973)

Rarities Compilation (single artist)

I admit to being a HUGE fan of Quadrophenia. While the 1967-68 Who will always be my favorite era, I think Pete really tapped into something great with this album. As a teenager, I completely identified with Jimmy. I was super deep into the Who during High School, and after seeing the movie I wanted to single-handedly bring mod fashion to the U.S. Sadly by that time, most of my friends were either sporting skatewear or drug rugs, and anyway I couldn't even afford a black trench, nevermind the fantastic tailored suits like Jimmy wore. And lets face it, I would have looked stupid going to school rocking a suit. Anyway, this probably doesn't mean much to you, but at the least it should give you some idea that I take my Quad-era Who very seriously. And, as such, what you get here is the quintessential (quad-essential?) companion piece to that very special double album.

I'd have to pull out my copy of "Maximum R&B" to get the exact quote, but sometime around 1972 Pete told a reporter that the new Who album was to be called Rock Is Dead - Long Live Rock. That should give you some idea as to what the single would have been, but in case you want me to beat you over the head with a brick, watch the YouTube video below. At any rate, the album would have consisted of some Who's Next outtakes, some future Quad numbers like "Love Reign O'er Me" and some songs the band most likely never got around to recording, like Pete's fantastic "Riot in the Female Jail".

So tracks 1-11 here are my attempt at lost 1972 Who album. I left off the stuff that would ultimately wind up on Quad, since you probably own that anyway, and replaced it with some awesome outtakes like the crucial, CRUCIAL Entwistle b-side "When I Was a Boy". (By the way, if you haven't checked out John's first two solo albums, you can download them at Amazon. HIGHLY recommended by me!)

This set is filled out with some fantastic performances from one of the all-time best Who gigs: San Francisco Civic Auditorium, 1971, as well as a touch of classic Moonie and two great live performances from the Old Grey Whistle Test.

Jam this one loud and proud while screaming at the top of your lungs Rock Is Dead - Long Live Rock!

** Before you get on my case for the amount of hiss on "Can't You See I'm Easy" and "Riot in the Female Jail", this was the lesser of two evils. The only source for these two songs had the treble rolled off to such a degree as to be UNLISTENABLE, so I had to do some really nifty EQ tricks to restore the lost top end. Yeah, there's some hiss, but what you're getting is the ENTIRE frequency spectrum, and pitch-corrected no less. If you don't dig it, go complain to John Astley.


  1. Version 2.0 uploaded today-- improved sources for some songs, overall volume equalization and new artwork!

  2. just what I was looking for - a complete who rarities collection
    thx dude !

  3. I think the download link is broken.