Thursday, May 7, 2009

"The Sweater"

Sometime around the dawn of 1967, the Buffalo Springfield posed for a photo shoot on the Sunset Strip. While the following photos were presumably either to be used as cover art for their second album or, more likely, as grist for teen mags such as Tiger Beat or Hit Parader, the shoot nevertheless immediately transcended the mundane entirely due to the keen fashion sense of one particular band member.

Behold, "The Sweater"...

Please take a moment to sit back and revel in its awesomeness. Drink it all in and then ask yourself this important question... How is it that a young man living in circa 1966 America could ever procure such a quintessentially perfect piece of apparel?

Furthermore, in which era between the beginning of time and now would such a sweater EVER be considered an appropriate means of dress?!

An Observation: This was obviously a "dress down casual" shoot for the Springfield boys, as Stills, Furay and Martin normally wore suits on stage and in pictures.

In this shoot, Stills is outfitted in a plain black T-shirt, while Furay adopts a sort of Urban Cowboy look three years before the movie of the same name hit the big screen. Bruce Palmer seems to be the prototype for GEORGE HARRISON'S "gravedigger" look on the Abbey Road LP with his button-up shirt and Levi's. Dewey Martin is seen here wearing a typical Mod Cowboy lace-up top that he certainly must have procured from one of the local Hollywood or Topanga Canyon boutiques. Nothing out of the ordinary for these chaps.

But then there's Neil, with his roughed-up Prince Valiant 'do and his geometric multicolored drug rug, looking for all the world like a discarded Thurston Moore prototype. How these disparate personalities ever existed in the same band is beyond me.

Furthermore, from the way the group is set up in the shot, it appears that Dewey Martin was to be the featured member. (Not surprising, really, as his drums were often times moved to the front of the stage during Springfield gigs. But I'll do another thread later on the overall greatness of Dewey Martin.) Yet the viewer's eye is completely drawn towards Neil, and even more so to his remarkable, eccentric sweater!

It's as though the entire peace and freedom movement could be summed up in one individual garment. Nevermind the bell bottoms, fringe and tie-die of the hippies-- THIS is where it's at... er, where it WAS at.

If you have any other shots of Neil wearing this fantastic piece of apparel, please forward them to the Crystal Sphere immediately and await further orders.


  1. John Lennon's "gravedigger" look on Abbey Road?!?

    That was George Harrison!

    John was wearing solid white.

  2. Oh shit, you're right!

    Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue!

  3. Yahoo! image search for "buffalo springfield dewey" has a different shot. "buffalo springfield neil" has others. Both have a second funky-assed loud checkerboard sweater but only b&w pix. Hint: don't look past image #280 for more sweaters in the neil result.

    Awaiting further orders, ma'am!!


  4. Er, thanks Stu! (You do know i'm a dude, right?)

    Anyhow, more pics of Neil's sweater are always appreciated. I'm certain its just a matter of time before pictures of Charles Manson wearing the same piece of apparel begin to circulate. (Neil: "I thought Charlie was a promising singer with something to say. We met in Topanga and he was played me a song, but it was obvious he was freezing. I liked his sound so I gave him this sweater I had on...")

    Kidding, by the way..