Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's like the gift that keeps on giving...

Crazy thanks to Crystal Sphere contributor "Stu" for linking to these additional phantasmagoric shots of the sickest piece of men's apparel ever:

This is probably the all time best shot of Bruce Palmer. In fact the entire band looks tough as fuck, even though a certain piece of cotton apparel still manages to steal the show. Ahem...

For the record, these pictures were taken by the legendary LA scene photog Henry "Tad" Diltz, formerly of the MFQ. Explains Tad:

"Buffalo Springfield was the first group that I actually photographed when I was still a musician. I was just starting to take pictures in late '65/early '66 and Stephen was a good friend of mine, and Neil. They lived up in Laurel Canyon and one day they said "Hey, we're going down to this folk club in Redondo Beach, why don't you come along and just hang out?" And I did, and while they were doing their soundcheck I was out on the beach photographing people. When they finished the soundcheck they walked outside the club and I said "Why don't you stand in front of that sign over there and I'll take your picture." And that's what this was. I was just along as a friend; it wasn't even a photo session or anything. Then a magazine, Teen Set, called me a week later and said "We hear you have Buffalo Springfield shots. We'd love to use one." They paid me $100, and it was a revelation. "You mean people will pay me for taking pictures? This is cool!"


  1. Sorry about my gender confusion JP!! ~stu

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