Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September Update/ Housekeeping

Well before jumping into uncharted territory, we've gone ahead and resurrected all the expired links from previous threads. The following were accidentally deleted and are now back intact:

The Who - Here for More | The UNi Records Story disc 1 | Jason Penick's SMiLE | Phantom Planet - All Over Again (1) (2) | The Underage Mothers | V/A - Here in Your Bedroom (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6).

Friends, you could do worse than to check these out if you missed out on them the first time. The Who release does a tidy job of chronicling their takeover of the U.S... The UNi set is sublime 60s psych-pop and soul... Nab the SMiLE set and let me know whether or not you think it compares to your preferred mix... Phantom Planet is the most underrated power pop band of the decade-- you all missed out on them the first time around, and it is now time to GET HIP and immerse yourself in these guys for a week; they're brilliant... The Mothers of course, one of the legendary L.A. bands, and surely you're a little bit curious what led up to their big Freak Out?.. Finally, Here in Your Bedroom is here to convince you that rock 'n' roll radio from the mid-90s on didn't suck quite so bad as you remember-- take a chance on disc 1 and see if that don't make you wanna check out the rest of this set.

Up next, another new twist on an old favorite!


  1. Amazing dude! I like so much. I appreciate WHO's work. This is really good work. Keep it up man!