Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Uhh, Sorry!

Just an quick opportunity to say "sorry" to any of my regular visitors for not keeping this blog up to par the last month or so. Due to a mis-communication with youknowwho, a lot of the older links have gone down and I've since been getting many requests to re-post.

Please note that everything will be back up within the next few days, so please be patient. Time has been in short supply lately, but I have some more goodness lined up and ready to rain down upon the countryside very soon. But, as always, I like to encourage feedback from anybody who visits here. My goal for the Crystal Sphere was always to have it be something more than just a repository for old classic rock bands, but lately I've been at a loss for where to go next, which is why I need help from you guys. I mean do like the political stuff? the various tales from my life? Music from bands not 40 years old? Or would you rather I just post a hundred photos of Dennis Wilson for Beach Boys fans to jerk off to and hang it up for good?

I really don't mind all the leeches my hit counter tells me I have-- that's par for the course for this sort of thing-- but if half the people who just come here to check out my links and split bothered to leave a comment or some sort of feedback critical or otherwise, this whole scene would be a lot more vibrant than it currently is.

That being said: on tap will be more Monkees stuff, as well as shots from Echo and the Bunnymen, Hawkwind, T Rex and the legendary Pink Fairies. Additionally, we'll re-examine the L.A. scene of the 1960s with some *new* Sunset Sounds, and at the same time get heavy into modern rock music and some more ranting and writing from your's truly about politics, relationships and life here in the Bay Area.

Anyway, I'll get it together on my end, but feel free to leave some love in the comment boxes if you appreciate what we do here. Over and out.


  1. I've owed you a note of heartfelt thanks for a while now, so I'll just go and post that message over on the relevant entry right now!

  2. Same here, just added some long overdue thoughts on The Sweet post. I check this place out often, but too often without a comment. The blog is great, J-man. I think we have a lot in common with the way we approach our creative endeavors. Lotta guys post a concert here, a bootleg there. We both tend to like putting together expansive, multi-disc sets tied to a theme. Expanding classic albums, gathering and organizing scattered material from a session or an era that belongs together. (You should up that "Satanic Majesties" collection!) Adding our own little running commentary. Nice to know I got a "brother" out there. Ha, we shoulda been pullin' paychecks from Vigotone.

    As far as "leeches," honestly, they're cool by me. To me, a link is a gift, come one come all. A comment is always beautiful, absolutely - nice to feel you're reaching real live people - but a download is a thank you in my book. Try not to let it bug ya. Keep this phenomenal train rolling.

  3. I check both of your blogs regularly for new entries, and look forward to them. Great content, interesting writing, and no bull or ego. Very cool. I’m inspired to try something similar from these examples, if I could get it together the right way.

    Check Yahoo every so often, though…it keeps me sane.


  4. Thanks for the comments brothers. It's inspiring to know that people would take the time to visit this place out of the bazillion choices they have on the internet. Motivates me to work harder, believe me. I'm gonna try to get things back in ship shape by tomorrow, and Chance I absolutely will get that Satanic Majesties box up next!

  5. I should add that the links you (and Chance) have posted on your respective blogs have been terrific...from finding obscure records on my want list, to reading pages and materials that are just fascinating for anyone interested in the 1966-69 Los Angeles scene. Some great reading to be found on those links. Thanks again for those resources! Craig

  6. No problems at all.This things happen when we are dealing with technology. I hope you will keep up the good work.
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  7. Cheers, E! We will keep it up as long as the Man allows us to.