Monday, October 19, 2009

Their Satanic Majesties Request (4 CD deluxe edition)

Deluxe Reissue

Yea, verily! No doubt thou ardst familiar with thy Rolling Stones and thine brilliantith album of ye olde English psyche and whimsy heretofore known unto thee as Their Satanic Majesties Request. But did'st thou also knowith that thy surviving session material hasdth leakithed forth unto thine own self from hither and yon? DID'ST THOU?!?!

Yea, I sayeth unto thee, explorith unto yon self this set-of-four. Containith thou it might not only thine stereo remaster (labelledith S-A-C-D) but also thine droppith of needle unto thy vinyl-of-mono quite pristine.

Henceforth, thou shalt also hearith thine album complete in instrumental form quite rare! Sequenced thou it is by Lord Pinniclith... Yea! He hath toiled long and hard upon ye olde Pro Tools to bringith forth yon treasures faire!

Per chance shall an additional discus of outtake-iths most scarce cause some little beaumont about ye to flutter? "Verily!" sayeth I. Lords and Wenches, listen unto thine acetates dubbed "Monitor Mix" in a form most unreleased! Marvel at mixeths borne of small platters from yesteryear, spun forth at forty-five revolutions per time-minute. Surely thine are't the work of some treacherous form of sorcery?!

Come forth! Indulgith thine own self upon a feast of musical magik and light quite certainly not to be found outside thy realm of Thee Olde Crystal Sphere. Groovith upon yon Mellotron as played forth by His Majesty Prince Jones, he of thee Prince Valiant coiffure. Wiggith out on ye olde Elizibethian piano interludes of Lord Hopkins as he whips the llama's ass forthwith.

Assuredly I say unto you, good sir or madame, that thou must partake-ith in all four of yon discuses presented unto thee for a Satanic experience most complete. Hast thou accepted thy crusade? Yon ho then!

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