Friday, November 20, 2009

Tim Forster and Jon Mills Discuss the WCPAEB

Here's an unmissable video for all you Sphere-heads, brought to our attention from none other than WCPAEB biographer Tim Forster (Welcome, Tim!) himself. The guys touch all all aspects of the West Coast Pop Art gang; from their serendipitous beginnings at the 1965 Yardbirds tour party to their latter era backing of Bob Markley on the
Markley: a Group LP. Throughout the interview Jon asks many probing questions you have no doubt been asking yourselves all this time, and of course Tim's responses are insightful and highly informative.

Although we're on record as disagreeing with Forster's assessment of the monumental Where's My Daddy? LP, which we still feel is an undisputed masterpiece of sixties L.A. madness and magik, this interview nevertheless receives our highest 5-Tab recommendation. Watch and learn!

(Also, you can read Tim's complete essay on the WCPAEB in Shindig Magazine's new Shindig Annual No.2, available at

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