Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April 2010 update

Hello. This is just a friendly notice to let you all know that my brain is officially on hiatus. Lately I've been spending too much of my free time obsessing on the human condition to really put forth any kind of an effort into this blog, and for that I apologize. Was a time when music provided all the relief I needed from pressures relating to the outside world, but lately the time involved in putting together these ambitious compilation projects, combined with my perfectionist attitude towards detail, has largely sapped the fun out of it.

To put it another way, if I have to listen to one of my compilations 200 times during the assembling/ editing stage, then by the time you finally hear it I'm already way, way burned out on it and ready to move on to something else. Many of these comps have literally been years in the making. The Tuesday Timewarp feature was a brief attempt at a paradigm shift, intending to speed things up, but the complete lack of response to the Standells post has shown me that this is probably not what you people want out of this site.

Currently I am almost completely lost in three major projects. The updated L.A. Gemstones I have been promising will likely be here by the end of the year, as I have been very fortunate to find a collaborator who is doing a great deal to assist me with this ambitious set. The new version will feature a revised track listing, much improved fidelity and a companion e-book containing liners, essays, photos and more. It will be, simply, the greatest Various Artists box set ever known to man. It'll take time to complete, but I promise you you will see it eventually.

The next thing on my agenda is nothing less than the complete organization, annotation and presentation of every available bit of Brian Wilson's '66-'67 SMiLE sessions; again presented in the best available fidelity (lossless) with companion e-book with detailed notes on every session. What will emerge will be the most complete portrait of SMiLE that has ever been revealed. When finished I will submit this to my contacts within the Beach Boys camp and see if they want to run with it. If they don't, I will try to get the book published and the 15 or so disc box set will go unheard.

Perhaps less exciting, but much more fun, is a collection of 80s Pop, RnB and New Wave hits from my childhood. I know these sorts of sets have been compiled and released thousands of times, but trust me when I say that this box will reign supreme in your car stereo, because it will have the Crystal Sphere "touch". Since this isn't as complex a set as the other two (no e-book, .mp3 quality) I have a feeling you will be seeing it first out of the three.

So what's the point of teasing you all with this? Nothing, I guess, except to let you all know that I haven't abandoned the ship. It's just that right now this minute, I'm much more into hanging out with my girlfriend or sitting in front of the TV and getting caught up on "The Office" than having to do the actual thinking that comes with writing anything of substance. This will change soon enough I'm sure, but in the meantime please bear with me.


  1. I know exactly how you feel. I love doing my monthly podcast, but I barely find the time to do one-a-month because I put so much time and thought into it---even though it's only a hour long!

    Looking forward to your updated L.A. Gemstones set when you complete it. Your first version blew me away!

    Your SMiLE sessions project sounds incredibly ambitious! Good luck with that. I'd love to hear it (or read it) some day.

  2. I'll echo the comment in paragraph 3


  3. Oh snap, I didn't even see your Standells post until now. Don't take that stuff the wrong way, On my old blog I would spend hours putting together a comp or specific vinyl rip only to see it unnoticed for weeks. Just the way it goes sometimes.

    Anyway, I echo the sentiments regarding the updated L.A. GEMSTONES set. I'm especially glad to see the "by the end of the year" remark, kind of takes the pressure off a little. In my mind I was working towards an unstated mid-Summer goal and already beginning to see that as unrealistic.

  4. I'm really looking forward to your SMiLE project! I've got so many random boots scattered on my hard drive - I'd love to have it all in one place and in the best quality. I've been hoping someone would do something like your describing since I first heard SMiLE.