Monday, August 23, 2010

L.A. Gemstones: The Pop Box compilation (5 CDs)

Compilation (various artist)
So here it is as promised: 149 tracks of L.A. Pop goodness spread like Peter Pan Creamy across five Cee Dees. You can read the complete introductory essay posted earlier on this 'ere site: For now I'll just explain why this is such a monster upgrade over the version I originally posted here two years ago.

It all starts with a groovy young lad name of Ian Zamboni who contacted me with an ambitious plan. He dug the set, but made a very valid point that the sound quality just wasn't worthy of the music. 160/192k mp3's might be cool for the typical shit you'd throw on your iPod, but this set was meant to be listened to. Hell, the producers, sound engineers, console designers and studio architects are every bit as important as the musicians in this story! L.A. had the best studios in the entire World back in the sixties, so why present it in such a lossy fashion?

And so began the undertaking to reassemble the set at 320k, and using only the best available mixes. A lot of times this meant tracking down mono single mixes to replace some of those early wide-stereo two track sonic nightmares. Other tracks could only be found on eBay, where we sought out the best existing available quality of long lost singles. A few times it actually involved tracking down the original artist to hit them up for copies.

Anyway what does this have to do with anything? Well it just *sounds better*. Way better. Because let's face it; Ian Zamboni is
the man.

Anyhoo, did I mention no more overlap with Rhino's Where the Action Is? Yes, we removed all the tracks that Rhino put on their wonderful compilation and replaced them with some "new" stuff that we know you're gonna dig., So now you can just power up your CD changer or iPod or WinAmp playlist or Maxell Metal grade cassette tape or whatever the hell you're listening on, and just pile everything in there and ROCK OUT TO THIS GROOVY FUCKING MUSIC.

"Unofficial this may be, but I'm thinking this could be reissue of the year for me. The fact there are another five discs of this...and not a single track's overlap with the Rhino L.A. Nuggets box...pretty handily blows my mind."-- This Here Dream Machine (Black Cat Bone)

"good job on the pop box bro."-- Aeroplane (hipinon)

"holy fuck." -- Naturemorte (hipinion)

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