Friday, March 25, 2011

Time to get pumped up

Heeeeeeey everybody, good news-- We've renewed our lease with SendSpace! Therefore, look for most of the links on this site to be re-operational by tomorrow night. (I've still got a few things that need to be re-uploaded, but the majority of the stuff is already back on the cloud.) In other words, we are back in business here at the Sphere and have all sorts of new disposable teenage product lined up for you!

#1 - Rock Box: This is still in the "near completion" phase. I promise I am not just yanking your chain here-- we are this close to being done with it. Unfortunately, there's a small handful of tracks that we simply have not been able to procure in sufficient fidelity, so that eBay is the best and only solution left. Once we win the stuff we need to finish it off (which is maybe 6 songs out of 150), I'll finish compiling it and you'll have it in your hot little hands! In the meantime, I am working on an essay that will hopefully satiate your cravings for all things L.A.

#2 - Smile Box: Finished, actually. Not allowed to share it, though! Now before you brand me a cock-tease let me explain: And actually, if you've been looking for Smile clips on YouTube lately, you'll understand exactly why this is. In the wake of the announced official box set, certain lawyers for a certain band have been, shall we say, quite thorough about issuing cease and desist letters to anyone sharing-- out of the pure goodness of their hearts-- Smile-related content. And since I would consider certain parties within the Beach Boys camp personal friends, I must respectfully withhold this set until the official thing hits stores. Sorry, and let's hope it's on shelves soon! Moving on...

#3 - The Ballroom/ Curt Boettcher: We will try to soften the blow somewhat by focusing on a different lost '66-'67 masterpiece-- the collective works of the great and tragically discarded BALLROOM. If you haven't heard of them (and really, if you haven't then why are you hanging out at a place like this?) The Ballroom were a sort of sunshine/ psych-pop supergroup helmed by savant record producer and soundscapist Curt Boettcher. They recorded their first and second albums at the exact same time Brian was working on Smile, and the similarities do not end there. Further collections of Curt's work will follow, including the highly sought-after 6 CD Singles Collection, which I helped assemble back in 2001.

#4 - The Who: A band whose available catalog is in sore disarray, we did our bit a few years back by issuing five separate rarities compilations that collected all the necessary singles, outtakes, BBC performances and rarities in chronological order, using the best possible available mixes. Now we will set our sights on rectifying the abominable job MCA did on the group's first three albums. So, how about mono/stereo 2fers of each, again using the best sounding mixes known to man?

There's more stuff floating around in the ether, and don't think we're going to neglect the music of the Nineties, Oughts and Teens either. This blog has never been about fetish-izing the past, or a providing a place for Boomers to sound off about how bad today's music sucks. (That's what Steve Hoffman's board is for!) As such, we are re-affirming our pledge to keep you updated with the best in new and newish sounds. There will also be more rants and reviews on the lifestyle side: tech, fashion, pop culture, trends, politics, cinema, fiction and more.

So welcome, or welcome back, as we begin what is bound to be a pretty amazing Phase 2.0!


  1. #1 - Rock Box: I know this is gonna be WELL WORTH the wait! The Pop Box was a masterpiece... I can't wait to hear the revamped Rock Box in glorious upgraded fidelity.

    #2 - Smile Box: I had a feeling this project was gonna get shelved when I heard that Capitol announced their impending official release... Let's hope they actually release it this time around... I've been holding my breath for this since about 1988.

  2. Like Mad4Music's comments above it's great news about Rock Box and terrible,although understandable news about Smile. I was really looking forward to that one although I have Purple Chick's version and I doubt that the official one will be better than that but you never know !!..keep up the great work, take care.. Ajay

  3. Thanks to both of you. Yeah sorry again about Smile. It's a drag, but really it will be worth it when we're holding our officially licensed Smile box sets in our hands. I'm guessing you'll never want to spin that Purple Chick set again once you have the real deal.

    March 28, 2011 6:44:00 PM PDT