Sunday, March 27, 2011

Updated links and other fun stuff

Just a quick note to let you all know that I revised about half of the dead links on the Sphere, so that those of you that missed our archival reissues the first time around can get another crack at downloading them. I will be getting to the other half in the next week or so as time permits. Please take advantage and sample all the great stuff we've worked so hard putting together to share with you nice people! I will list which links are re-activated in the comments section for this thread. If you have any requests or notice one of the reactivated links not working, please consolidate all comments to this here thread so we can keep it organized. Thanks!

In other news, I've just started teaching myself how to use Vegas Studio Pro 10. Here's a little promo clip I put together to promote Who's for Tennis? It's nothing fancy-- just some images synced up to 30 second sound clips, but there are some very rare photos I included that you're sure to dig. Here's the clip:


  1. Here's what's been re-upped so far. More to follow:

    Wings - mixes (discs 1 and 2)
    Brian Wilson - Brian (discs 1 and 2)
    Dennis Wilson - Dennis Wilson Forever
    Eternity's Children - The Complete Eternity's Children (discs 1 and 2)
    Alan Wilson/ Canned Heat - Blind Owl Sings!
    Carole King - Phases (discs 1 and 2)
    The Mothers - The Underage Mothers
    V/A - L.A. Gemstones: The Pop Box (discs 1-5)
    The Monkees - Instant Replay 2-LP
    The Monkees - 33&1/3 Revolutions per Monkee - original soundtrack
    The Rolling Stones - Their Satanic Majesties' Request - deluxe box set (discs 1-4)
    V/A - The UNi Records Story (discs 1-2)
    The Who - The Savage Young Who
    The Who - The Price of Pop Art
    The Who - Who's for Tennis?
    The Who - Here for More
    The Who - Rock Is Dead... Long Live Rock!
    The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - The Complete WCPAEB (discs 1-2)

    I'll update this thread as I re-do more links. If something isn't working right or you have any requests, please leave a comment in this thread.

    1. I'd sure like to see Gary McFarland's Anthology up again. Thanks for everything!

    The Sweet - Singles Collection (discs 1-3)
    Phantom Planet - All Over Again (discs 1-2)
    Weezer - Deluxe Green Album

  3. And... That should be it. Finished re-upping all the old material. Now time for some new stuff.

  4. Please... re-upload the Who's files!!

  5. Don't know if you're still monitoring these comments, but the L.A. Pop Box links are vanishing/dying. Only disc 5 still links as of the time of this post.

  6. Sorry about the dead links guys. I let the SendSpace account run out, so I need to give those guys some money. Please check back in about a month and hopefully everything will be back in order.