Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Peel - Blindside

Unreleased Album (single artist)

Back by popular demand, here's the great lost modern power-pop classic, Blindside by Peel. The brainchild of Kevin Ridel (AM Radio, Ridel High), this may stand as the ultimate melodic statement by a guy who has already written more than his share of classics. Alongside Phantom Planet, Weezer and Kara's Flowers (all bands we've featured here to some extent) Peel stands as the fourth column of L.A.'s late-nineties pop rock renaissance. (Honorable mention goes out to the late, lamented That Dog who may feature here shortly as well.)

While there's no videos for Peel to be found on YouTube, check out this one by Radel's later band A.M. Radio which will give you a taste of his compositional godliness:

It's tempting to grasp for influences upon first hearing this gem, but while you'll surely hear a little Oasis here, a little Ben Folds there, in the end it's Ridel's own songwriting that comes to the fore. While every song is a highlight, stand-outs include the poignant "Birthday Present", the epic sturm und drang of "Day to Day", and the melodically perfect single-that-never-was "Gel". If you've been downloading all our previous comps, you'll be well familiar with these and chomping at the bit to hear the rest of the album. If you haven't, well... why are you here?

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