Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Goffin/ King demos surface!

Pretty self-explanatory, no? We can never get enough of Carole over here at the Sphere, and so of course we were stoked to see not one but two more unreleased Goffin/ King demos pop up on the YouTubes!

In keeping with the theme of our lauded Phases set, we will present the demo version of each, followed by a more recognized commercially released one. Enjoy!


- Interesting to hear Carole use the word "girl" in both songs. We can clearly deduce that these were only meant to be demos by this fact alone.

- I'm guessing Phil Spector didn't really do all that much to garner his co-compositional credit on "Just Once in My Life". The song already sounds fully formed at this early stage.

- Not to give the short shift to Gary Goffin here, but Carole always wrote the melodies and Gary was just a wordsmith, right?

- Also, how sad that Carole never got the chance to record an album of her own prior to The City. Even something along the lines of those quasi-legit first Nilsson or Jimmy Webb albums would be a revelation to hear today.

- Sorry for the drastic volume dip in that Turtles clip. It was the only version of that song on YouTube.


  1. These demos are fantastic!! Thank you for sharing these. :D

  2. Great, aren't they! I'm currently trying to track down more unreleased CK demos and will post them if and when I get them.

  3. I'd rather you spent more time trying to track down the missing tracks for your LA Rockbox collection that seems to be dragging on and on, it's been over a year now since it was first mooted on Ian Zamboni's site..Mikel

  4. Mikel I'm editing my initial response to you in an attempt to be civil. Look, the fact is that we are under no obligation to provide you, or anyone else, with anything. What we do here is try to share our love of great music with like-minded listeners, and generally people are grateful for this. We try our best to provide you, the fan, with product you cannot find in stores, or anywhere else. We also have high standards regarding what we do here. You need to understand that the delay with the Rock Box had nothing to do with laziness or a desire to tease our audience, and everything to do with the $400 I had to pay out of pocket to obtain copies of out of print source vinyl and CDs. I don't sell these collections for a profit, I don't solicit donations from followers, hell I don't even let Google post ads on this site. I do, however, ask for patience and a minimum of hassle when things take longer than expected. Have you ever asked yourself why Ian stopped maintaining his blog? Perhaps you should take a look at the title of his final post, because I can assure you, running a blog can get old *real* quick when visitors start demanding something for nothing. Think about it.