Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Re-ups. What to do?

Hi kids! Well February is here, and with a bunch of you asking for re-ups of vintage Sphere content, I would like to find a suitable home site to host our wares. However, unless you've been living underground, you are most likely aware of the little issue MegaUpload has been experiencing lately. As such, it occurs to me that it may only be a matter of time until SendSpace experiences the same sad fate.

So rather than continue on with SS, I wonder if there is a newer or better alternative out there in terms of file hosting. Certainly there must be some sort of next-gen online storage medium that will be a little more full-proof? Something safe and secure?

So please, if you're aware of a viable long-term file storage option (preferably on the level of free-to-dirt cheap) won't you let us know? Then once we get the tech side ironed out, we can commence with the tunage. Arriba!